You’ve found yourself searching the internet for the best way to go about automating your home or business. You found the perfect smart home thermostat, connected it to your phone and now you’re able to control it using an app. Before long, you begin to think that it would be great to control the lights with an app too. You buy the kit, download another app and voilà! You’re now able to control both air conditioning and lighting right from your phone – but you have to go through two different apps. Not as convenient, or automated, as you planned, right?

If you truly want a smart home, shouldn’t these things be able to occur on their own without you even giving it a thought? Here’s how a home automation professional can make that happen.  

Benefits of Professional Home Automation

While automating your home yourself might be a great option for some, others looking to truly create a smart home or office are able to get much more out of home automation when using a professional. The biggest difference here is the fact that a professional can create an ecosystem with each system playing off the different subsystems of the house. Sound complicated? Let us explain.

Smart Home: Home Automation for Birmingham Residents

Let’s say you have your home programmed to use your GPS coordinates. When you’re three miles away, the lights turn on and the AC begins to reach your ideal temperature. When it’s time for bed, the lights go out and the security system turns on. In this scenario, your lights, air conditioning and security system are your subsystems, and while programmed to interact with one another, these various systems become one integrated ecosystem.

With this setup, there’s no going through multiple apps on your phone to make things happen. Each system plays off the other in order to create your optimal environment dependent on the time of day or countless other factors. Talk about an insanely smart home.

Smart Office: Office Automation for Birmingham Businesses

Despite the term, smart home technology isn’t confined to your home. It works just as well in a business setting, and even has the ability to give you a return on investment. With the technology we have available today, many business owners should seriously consider the fact that they’re paying people to do things that can be automated, leaving them with less manpower for more profitable tasks.  

Imagine you have a boardroom on the 30th floor facing east with a TV and control pad, but between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm the boardroom is useless because you get blasted by the sun. Not only does the sunlight wash out the TV, but it increases the temperature by 20 degrees, making manual blinds a less than ideal solution.

With professional automation, this boardroom can become an optimum working environment throughout the day. Depending on longitude and latitude, at a specific time each day, we can have the shades drop and thermostat kick on automatically. This is called light harvesting, or controlling the light based on the shade and sunlight. We can use triggers like the temperature or sensors on the light switches to tell us how many lumens, or amount of brightness, are being used in order to activate our systems. Not only are you managing energy, but you’re reducing costs all the way around.

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