These days, homeowners are becoming more aware of the many ways to utilize smart technology within their homes. From smart thermostats to motorized shades, we’ve found ways to not only use this technology to help us cut down on the energy bill, but we’re now realizing how this new technology can help us keep our homes, and our families, even safer.

3 Unique Features of a Smart Home Security System

Standard home security systems have been around forever, offered by the same companies that have been providing the same systems for years. But even if you already have a home security system in place, it’s time to ask yourself, does it do this?

#1 Attract attention from the neighborhood when the alarm triggers. You bet any intruder that sets off the alarm is going to be in complete and utter shock when your indoor and outdoor lights begin to flash repeatedly, drawing the attention of the entire block. Stick around to rummage through your home? I don’t think so.

At the same time your alarm triggers, you can program every single TV in your home to pull up your security cameras so you know exactly where the intrusion occurred.

#2 Pretend you’re there when you’re away on vacation. When you’re away, your home can act like you’re there enjoying your normal routine. This isn’t just turning lights on and off at pre-set times. No, this is much more sophisticated. In order to deter intruders while you’re away, your home is going to control the lights, shades, and even the TV, to give the perception that you’re home.

#3 Alert you if there’s a water leak. Through sensors, your system can alert you if there are any problems with the internal temperature or moisture, such a furnace failure or a water leak. Talk about peace of mind when it comes to worrying about frozen pipes while you’re out of town during the winter.

Along with all these unique capabilities, there’s even more to love about the Control4 Smart Home Security System, and that’s the ability to control it from anywhere, right from your smartphone. While vacationing in a nearby city, or even across the world, you can view your house cameras, manage the lights, close the garage door, lock the doors, you name it. The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the amount of control you have over your system despite the fact that you’re away.

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