During football season, a man cave is used for one thing, and one thing only, and that’s for watching football. While this wildly exciting season is now in full-swing, you’re sure to have your man cave filled with the essentials like a recliner, mini fridge, and dart board. But this year, your man cave needs something more. From watching multiple games at once, to lighting that truly sets the tone for game day, here are three ways you can take your man cave, and your football watching, to the next level this season.

Watch multiple games at once with a video wall or projector.

Say goodbye to turning back and forth from game to game. While we can set you up with a projector and two TVs, you’ll be able to have your main game on in the center while also watching other games at the same time. Not only can you root for your team, but you can cheer on other conferences, or, of course, keep an eye on your team’s biggest rival.

A video wall is another great option if you’re wanting to watch multiple games at the same time. These typically consist of four TVs squeezed together to look like they’re one big TV. With a video wall, you can either have all four TV screens go into one image, or you can change it to show a different game on each individual screen. This means if you didn’t want to watch your team’s game on one big screen, you could watch four different games on four screens, or even two games taking up two screens each. There are many variations to choose from, ensuring you can watch the games you want, how you want.

Light the way with your team’s colors.  

Further enhance your man cave for football watching with theater lighting. Our team can install theater seats that actually have LED lights underneath them, and also light up the walkways or steps with LED lighting, just like in the movie theater. We can even add ceiling trim with lights inside that goes around the room. Of course, you change these lights to whatever color you want, including your team’s colors, and even program these lights to flicker your team’s colors after a touchdown.

Draw the shades and show your team spirit.

While you’re watching football, the last thing you need is a glare on the screen, and that’s where motorized and blackout shades come in handy. With the press of a button, you can lower the shades and blackout the room, plus, with our shades displaying your team’s logo, you can show off even more of your team spirit while doing so. 



Update Your Man Cave for the 2018 Football Season Before It’s Too Late

While these systems are sure to take your man cave to the next level, what makes them even more impressive is how easily you can control them. With our Control4 Automation System, you can turn the channel, draw the shades or make any other command right from your phone, table or remote. Don’t wait to contact us today to see how we can help you update your man cave, as we all know, the football season goes by fast!


View our Video Wall video by clicking here.