Most business leaders are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and boost profits. But many assume that building overhead costs, such as lights and HVAC, are fixed and can’t be reduced.

That’s not true. Smart workplace technology can actually cut costs on your overhead and simplify your life at the same time.

How to Cut Business Costs With Automation

Consider these three ways that automated systems can help your business cut costs.

1. Stop using so much energy for idle devices. If your company’s computers and other devices remain turned on overnight or other times when they’re not in use, they’re likely running up your power bill unnecessarily. With an automated system, you can set protocols for when all devices should be shut down and powered up. The system will maintain that schedule automatically, and you’ll save money by avoiding the power drain caused by always-on electronics.

For instance, household devices that are in standby or sleep mode can use up to the equivalent of 50 large power plants’ worth of electricity and cost more than $19 billion in electricity bills every year, according to a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

2. Optimize natural light and heat. If your desk faces a window, you’ve probably noticed there are certain times of day when you have to shift positions to avoid being blinded by sunlight. And if you bring a dog or cat to work with you, he or she has likely found a favorite place where the sun’s rays beam through the window and create a warm spot for napping.

Deep down, you know that natural sunlight is more than a nuisance or a napping spot for your pet. And with an automated system, you can harness the light and warmth of the sun to cut your energy costs.

For instance, say you have a conference room with a wall of windows that faces east and for several hours each day, the room is almost useless—it’s too hot and the sunlight makes it difficult to see a presentation on a TV or computer monitor. Professional automation can calculate the room’s latitude and longitude to determine the specific time each day when the shades should drop and the thermostat should start automatically.

A professional automation partner can install temperature triggers or sensors on the light switches to keep track of the natural brightness in the room and decrease or increase artificial light accordingly. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to do a thing and your room will automatically harvest natural light and heat to reduce costs and conserve energy.

3. Increase security. Employee fraud or embezzlement costs U.S. businesses $50 billion annually, according to CNBC, and affected small businesses lose an average of $289,864, based on a recent survey. In addition to employee fraud, today’s business owners also have to worry about cyber fraud and old-fashioned robbery. But automated systems can help you avoid the expense of potential crime.

For instance, with an automated system, you’ll never have to wonder again whether your employee (or you) remembered to lock up properly before leaving the workplace because you can set doors to lock automatically at a certain time. You can also set appropriate security measures to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access sensitive data stored physically or digitally, and your automated system will enforce your rules. As a result, you’ll protect your assets and make sure that you avoid the potential losses associated with fraud and robbery.


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