Video walls continue to grow increasingly popular as more and more companies are finding unique ways to utilize them to meet a wide range of business goals. While they can be as small as four TVs made into one or as big as an entire wall, the purpose is to make the screen as big and as unique as you want it to be.

Video walls are impressive in the sense that they can do what projectors and regular TVs can’t. Projectors work well in areas with low light, and regular TVs have such a thick bezel that you can’t stack them upon one another like you do a video wall, making them limited in size. Businesses can incorporate video walls into a variety of spaces, and here are some great ways we’ve seen companies successfully use them.

#1 Promoting your business.  Video walls are perfect for businesses that have a lobby or waiting area for clients or customers. This is the prime time to remind them what makes your company great, and why they should continue doing business with you.

#2 Featuring your products. We recently installed a video wall in the showroom of a local car dealership. They wanted to show off all their latest models, and the video wall gave them the perfect place to do so. They rotated out these vehicle images with their logo, getting customers excited about these new models at the perfect time – while they’re shopping.

#3 Telling your story. Video walls don’t always have to be a promotion tool; they can be an educational one as well, telling a story about your company. Giving customers or clients an inside look at how your company began and operates today creates a sense of closeness with a brand.

#4 Entertaining your customers. With a video wall, you can watch multiple games or different shows at the same time, which can be beneficial in a commercial setting. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a doctor’s office full of patients in the waiting room, a video wall is going to give you the ability to cater to different taste.  

There are countless ways to make a video wall benefit your business, and the uses above are just the beginning. From promoting to entertaining, it’s up to you on exactly how you can make a video wall work for you. Not to mention the fact that video walls are just impressive to begin with.